NH yoyo club!! Meeting Monthly in Manchester, June 20, 2015 2-4pm


Me too. I’ll try for next week. I’m not too far away and I’ve been trying to make one of these for a while. I did see where you guys throw though. What a great spot!


Sorry about the mistake hope you can make it to the real date. Can’t wait!! Who is coming on Saturday?


I’m coming. Looking forward to it. This group is amazing.


aka “Mr UnAmazing, But Oddly Charming.”


You said that right ;D ;D


I might pop in…in a fashionably late kind of way. :-\


That’s so Totalartist. ;D ;D


Proud of you man…


nice job yoyokid


I will probably be coming to this meet… Not fully sure yet. I’ll check in later to tell you.


OK thanks shadow


Shadowz, don’t you realize that I HATE the rest of these punks? You and your Dad MUST come.


aka “Mr Social Butterfly”


My dad will hopefully be the once was ginger devil that will be driving me.

Don’t get him excited. He just got a new knee.

Watch out! :wink:


gee thanks


I feel appreciated.


Is this place hard to find?? You know if I come up that means no A2Z yoyo class for me on Saturday??? What say you guys??


I am thinking Andrew might be a VERY happy young man on Saturday… Just saying

aka… “Mr. Hulk Smash”


It’s not too hard to find. :stuck_out_tongue: Adam always puts up a sign on the post of another sign.


I might not come… I might though. It’s a very busy day for my family that day… ???
Even if I do come, my mail probably won’t come before I leave.
I’m super duper excited and anxious.


No need to be anxious… The box may be BIG but it will not explode :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. I can only imagine what’s in it. Still no clues?


Oh, all you brats know I hold you in the highest regards.


aka “Captain Cantankerous”