New ProtoStar Price vs. Skyva

So like the title says, which should I get? I am gonna buy it in the next 2-3 days, so I need to make a decision soon! The protostar had a recent price drop, and people says it’s great. But I also like the Skyva’s two locking fingerspin cups, especially since the protostar can’t fingerspin.
I have heard praise for both, so what’s the best in the YYE Community’s opinion?

The Skyva won’t let you down just sayin

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Skyva just plays great and will probably last longer than the Proto.

Skyva forsure!

I find that the Protostar is a little more stable and spins a little longer. It’s a little more annoying to deal with and will break on you easier than the Skyva though. The metal spacers are really tight and are annoying to get out and if you happen to overtighten there’s a good chance it’ll crack. I also find that bearings tend to be louder in the Protostar for some reason too. It’s just more fragile. As for how it feels on the string its an all-rounder in my opinion. It’s not floaty but it’s not solid. It’s not slow but it’s not fast either(I would say it’s on the faster side for its weight though).

I think the Skyva has a more premium feel to it though. It just feels better and has the look of a more premium yoyo, the packaging is pretty nice too. It’s also better at grinds in general, not just fingerspins. During play it feels on the lighter side, it’s a medium-fast paced throw.

In short if you’re looking for pure performance go with the Protostar. If you’re looking for something nicer, enjoyable, and more modern go with the Skyva.

Skyva no contest.
I’d even put the replay pro above the protostar.

No love for the protostar here. It’s A great throw!

The proto star is awesome but a 5 or 6 year old design. SkyVA is fresh


But I’d rather save up for a budget metal

Ahem shutter

You do realize that is 2x the price, plus I got the first titanium shutter at WYYC?

Oh nvm

Then SkyVa ATW

Seems like the Skyva is the way to go. Now, what color?

Light Blue



If you want to be able to fingerspin with it, then the SKYVA is your only option. I haven’t played one yet. I’ve played ProtoStar’s for years. Great, great yoyo. A steal at $19.99. Plays as good as it did in the 00s.

Skyva is a cool yoyo for sure. But at $20, Protostar is solid as well. Protostar gets a lot more hate than it should for some reason. It’s a quality plastic and at $20, a good deal.

I agree. I think it’s just because people think it’s old and “outdated” while the Skyva is new and fresh.

Protostar has always seemed pretty cheap to me and the two I’ve owned came with quite a bit of vibe and the bearing seat broke. I’ve had much better luck with counter attacks and pgm’s.

For me it doesn’t have to do with it being outdated, compared to the majority of what I throw the protostar is newer. Skyva has a more solid feel, great bearing seat setup, and the fingerspins is a cool bonus.

I like both. Like protostar a lil more, and I’ve never broken any. (Owned multiple)