How does the Superstar play in comparison to the Protostar?

I’ve been thinking of getting another metal and I really like how my Protostar plays.

Is the Superstar close to it for being a metal (except it doesn’t have a concave bearing). Does it spin as long? How close is the Primo for that fact?

They play better than the protostar.

Coughdifferentcough. Coughpreferencecough. Man that was a weird sounding cough. Oh well.

Smoother, Floatier, Better.

I feel that the Superstar is more stable, but i dont have a preferance, they play both exceptionally well to the point were i like them about the same.

Two totally different beasts. The Superstar is an amazing yoyo. Super stable, fast as you want, spins forever, etc. but it’s quite a bit more expensive. The protostar feels a little less solid to me and not as stable but its such a great value.