Okay, so i ordered my kentaro kimura edition superstar. It’ll be my first metal yoyo, which people have told me is quite a leap but I think that it will help me pull smoother, longer tricks. I know noone else has ever played with a kentaro because I ordered mine like an hour after they hit the shelves, and there hasn’t been enough time for one to come in the mail… unless you got one at worlds. Or I guess if you got the express mail. Anyways, I think its the same as the ando superstar, just with a different finish. I was just kind of wondering how the yoyo played, what it was comparable to, and everything else. Did I just waste 130 bucks?

This superstar is basically a normal superstar with a special colorway. It plays smooth and fast IMO.

Never played one, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. Yes, it’s the same as any other Superstar, just with different colors. However, just because you have a “good” yoyo doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do super long amazing off-the-wall combos. You’ll really need to work on your throw.

it’s just like any other superstar

i own a camo superstar, and i got to say. its play is ontop of every other yoyo i played before
what i like about it is that it’s VERY stable. and it stays smooth no matter how you damage it.

but one thing i notice about the superstar is that it’s boring O_o
sure it plays good, but everything feels too basic.
IMO compared to the 888, it plays a lot better, but the 888 is a lot more fun to play with compared to the superstar

i think everything after “it’s just like any other superstar” is off topic, but just stating a point of view XD

The Superstar only needs two words:


never tried one, but would like too…im to broke to afford anything over $ :’( 110

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