YYE SE Superstar or no?

YYE has a very special place in my heart. Most of time, I order from here. This site is what brought me into yoyo-ing.

I was very sad when I missed the YYE edition wooly Marmot. But now, I MIGHT be happy, since there is a YYE edition Superstar coming.

However, I’m not sure if the shape is right for me. I tried a YYR Sleipnir a while back, and I didn’t like it that much because it felt weird holding it. I’d rather prefer a general-yo or CLYW peak shaped yoyo, because it actually fills my hand, instead of the emptiness of a >< shape.

So, any thoughts on the superstar in general? I can’t seem to find any detailed reviews on it, and I need to make a smart decision. Especially since so many other great yoyos are coming out, many less expensive than the superstar, too.

Also, I’ve never tried a YYF metal before, so I guess I could try something new. However, I just don’t want to waste $120 on something I hate.



Don’t forget that if you don’t like it you can sell/trade it.

You might also look for a cheap one on the BST.

I feel the same way about lot of yoyo’s BUT you don’t play the yoyo in your hand. This is hard for me too but it’s the truth. The yoyo in question is a great yoyo until you catch it. Play wise, I’d get it. If you just plan on holding it then don’t.

The shape is way different then a Sleipnir, I like them with out the Stacks on, with them on it is a tad too heavy for me.

I own a superstar and I love it. I agree with you about the odd shape (although I plan on getting a Sleipnir ::)). I didn’t like the M1 for that reason (and the M1 is much less of an odd shape than the superstar). I was really hesitant to get a superstar, but I was able to try it out and loved it. It’s my main player for competition style tricks (behind the back, side style, etc) and now I really don’t take issue with odd style yoyos.

So, in short, I agree with Icthus.

What kind of tricks are you planning on doing with it?

Oh, and I have the John Ando edition…That thing CAN’T grind.