Superstar or Peak?

When I go to BAC, I’m planning on buying a new yoyo from the YYF table or the CLYW table.
I’ve narrowed it down to Superstar and Peak.
So please, cast you votes!



is it possible for them to run out of yo-yos?

I’ll go with superstar, its a faster yoyo(as my opinion)

Happy Throwing! =]

I have only played the Superstar but that would be my vote anyway. Peak has a rounded gap where Superstar is more of an hourglass (H). I feel like I’m cheating when I play it because it’s like you can’t miss and due to weight distribution on the rims, it spins forever.
guess it all depends on your style too.

I’ll go with the peak it looks soo awesome.

I would go with the SuperStar because I want one.

What are your preferances?

Size: Pretty much any…

Shape:Err…H- shape and round butterfly.

Response: Silicone or K-pad

Modding/Maintaining:Err… I only mod cheaper yoyos.

Color:Low factor in what im choosing.

Style:Pretty much all (Slack,whips,lacerations,chops,technical,etc.)

Price:I’m getting one B-grade at BAC, so it doesnt’t really mean much in this.

Skill level:Godly. Jk , I make up my own tricks, I learned pretty much all of the “Learn” tricks.

I know, it doesn’t help much xD.


I’ve tried a Superstar, and will try Zach’s Peak at BAC, so I’m probably going to choose there.

Both will work for you. If I were you, I would check problems with the two yoyos, good things, and not opinions. Just facts.

simply try both yoyos there and see what you like better

superstar is my fav yo evur!!! ;D