Should I get a skyva or North star?


Should I get a skyva or North star? The things I want from them are good horizontal performance, control on the string, and an ability to stay on plane, like the shutter. (Means resistance to sideways movement). I own a protostar, but wouldn’t mind having the North star if it outperforms the skyva in the areas I mentioned. Also, which one would you consider to be better at fingerspins? I am good at them, so a yoyo that is slightly harder to land them on but gets longer fingerspins would have my pick.


I don’t own a North Star so I have little ability for input; however, the skyva is one of my all time favorite plastics so I had to comment :blush:




Skyva is easier to finger spin, but you can get really good ones on the north star if u hit it in the center. The north star is better than the skyva IMO bcuz it spins longer


I don’t Own a north star but I have thrown it. I did own a skyva. The skyva can fingerspin for days! It was my first unresponsive yoyo and it’s a great yoyo overall. The North Star is a very comfortable yoyo and can fingerspin pretty long. The North Star fell like it’s not moving on your finger. Both are really good yoyos that I’d recommend. With the price point buy both and do a comparison for us!


there are now two camps of FS, the original Smooth cup, ala Horizon

and the fingerspin dimple like Skyva, FS and Pivots.

Dimples make it very very Very easy to FS. When I change back from the dimples type to the cup type, its a bit hard to land one on the Northstar as the cup is on the flat side, and easy to spin out of control

both is not so great in finger grinds as the gap surface is mirror like


North Star is better overall. Skyva is better just at finger spins. I play the NorthStar way more.

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There’s a fingerspinning Northstar? I still think of the orange Jensen ones… :-\


Are you talking about the new Fingerspin Northstar now? Or the old version?


The new one.


The skyva has a really light and fun feel but doesn’t have incredible spin time. The northstar spins longer and plays heavier. It also has noticeably more vibe than the skyva.


I prefer the lighter feel of the Skyva, but I think you’ll be happy with whichever you choose. Both are great yo-yos.


I own a Skyva and trust me, i won’t recommend it to you. At first, it plays dead smooth and solid and it spins for a long time. But after 6 months, my skyva has a lot of vibe and it is not as stable as it used to be. And when i do finger spin on it, it lasts only 10 seconds. I have changed the bearing to concave but the problems don’t go away. So yeah, don’t buy the Skyva.


I’ve had one since it first came out, plays the same today as when I got it. If your yo-yo played great initially, then after 6 months of use started to play poorly, I would attribute that to user error…