Diffusion and Skyva

How is the Diffusion 2 for finger spins compared to the Skyva? The bowl shaped cup looks like my Horizon, which is fantastic for finger spins, so I might get the Diffusion rather then the Skyva, but only if the Diffusion is just as good or better at finger spins. Also, what one is better for regular play? Thanks!

Diffusion is wayyyy better for play imo but skyva can fingerspin better

Diffusion is more stable. Skyva is better at fingerspins.

So you can’t let your finger kind of vibrate around the yoyo like I do to get a long finger spin with my Horizon? What one stays on plane easier? I’m not trying to be annoying, I just look for as much info as possible when looking for a new yoyo.
Ps, congratulations on your 4,444 post!

I don’t have a Diffusion, but judging by the construction, the Diffusion should play more like that than the Skyva. The Skyva locks your finger into the center.

Like Myk said the Skyva just locks your finger into place, very easy to fingerspins with

I’d say diffusion stays on plane better, kind of goes with stability. And I didn’t even notice it was my 4444th :smiley:

So hard to decide! Sometimes more info makes it harder😐 In terms of feel, what one is lighter feeling on the string? Can any of them do grinds at all? Thanks!

The skyva is very light making it good for speed and at it’s price it’s just an overall fun throw

Did you ever get one or both?