New Duncan FREEHAND ONE AL & Fingerspin Caps!

From Duncan: An homage to the late great original Freehand 1, revered in the yo-yo community by merit of how cool it is alone: We are happy to present you with the Freehand 1 AL!

We think of this yo-yo as more of a love letter to the original Freehand 1 than a pure remake: We wanted to recreate everything we all love about the original Freehand 1, throwing in just a dash of modern yo-yo design into the mix.

One of the coolest features of the Freehand line of yo-yos has always been the caps: You can collect 'em, customize 'em, and show 'em off to your friends. Caps are cool. So one of the features we just had to include with the Freehand 1 AL was interchangeable caps. In fact, the Freehand 1 AL even accepts your old plastic Freehand caps! Keeping with the reputation that the Freehand has of being a very customizable yo-yo, in addition to interchangeable caps, you can also interchange the bearing from the default full-size bearing to a half-spec, allowing your Freehand to shred both responsive AND unresponsive tricks!

Let go and break the conventional rules of yo-yoing with the Freehand 1 AL!

Releasing Sunday 1/17 @ 8PM EST.

Fingerspin Caps:


Wish they would drop a freehand shirt with this!!


They are going fast!!!

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I got side tracked and missed the all gold!!!
I wonder how many were available.

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Around 10 I think.

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Well, I’m gonna let this one slide by. It’s Duncan there will be more!!

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I wonder why the red/gold was 10$ cheaper than all the others???


I would have probably bought one at that price with some black spin caps.

The caps are selling out as fast as the YoYos!

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Thanks, guys for your support! I have two new batches coming in, and I will offer a sufficient quantity to Andre this time. Didn’t mean to cut the quantities - just a difficult time to produce/sell yo-yos, also FedEx delayed shipment threw off the release date, -ha!


more colors this time too? dying for the unknown FH1AL you teased earlier ;]


How do I get the caps off of my new Freehand One AL without damaging it???

Didn’t @yoyodoc have a video on this?

Here’s the most recent one:


More colors for sure!

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Oh wow! Never would have guessed a bike pump was required. Thanks!

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Ok so I got the caps off with this method, but you need to add ear plugs to the required materials list!!! The first cap came off with such a loud POP that I now have pain in my left ear and it’s ringing (unfortunately I’m not joking or exaggerating). I used earplugs for the second cap. Also, it now vibes like a jackhammer with the fingerspin caps…

Edit- tried the procedure again and got most of the vibe out. You should probably consider just installing the fingerspin caps at the factory for some of the next run though.

Update- One week later and my left ear is still not right! Be careful out there. Had radio silence on this from Duncan reps. Y’all think I should formally reach out to them to warn them or say something about it?


Any word on a restock of the caps @YoYoExpertGarrett ?