Need help with Suicide (lol)


Am I doing something wrong? Sure looks like it!

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I think you should try throwing your trapeze over a lot easier than you are now…maybe throw a few times and do not even try to catch it…just throw over and over as easy as possible…the longer you hold on to E trapeze the better too! Once you get a smooth easy trapeze throw…then try the catch part man…good luck!


The keys for me are neutral string tension, bringing the hand together to start the swing (looks like you’re good there) and next is a softer swing around the throw hand. I let the string touch the back of my TH before I start a gentle counterclockwise arc with my TH to help open the loop. It looks to me like you’re throwing into the suicide too hard causing your loop to disappear.

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try making your throw hand do a tiny circle the direction that the slack is being tossed. This can help keep that loop open. Then its just doing it over and over, fixing string tension, the doing over and over again.


Thanks everybody! :slight_smile:

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Let’s see it again once you’ve mastered the suicide throw…?



Good job!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


That was fast! This is one that I just can’t seem to get a decent land percentage.


Same. I will attempt on and off (like every 6 months) to try to get it, but after about 10 minutes at like 25% land rates, I get bored and move on. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t expecting to land the trick. I was just recording to show that I was able to form the loop by slowing down. My land percentage is like 5% ;D. Most of the time the loop is really small and the two strings end up being really close to each other. Only like one time I had a big loop form and landed the trick easily (Instead of luck)


I know the word is over used and over loaded, but flow helps me a lot. I can land better than 50% and complete 3-5 in a row. Neutral string tension is way important. The hands come together with the NTH a little higher than the TH, this starts the suicide.

Here’s where the flow comes in, when the string begins to touch the back of my TH, I begin a small, smooth and subtle CCW movement with the TH. This seems to open the loop wider. I ensure the TH is going directly under the yo-yo and hit the loop with my NTH finger at just outside my shoulder. Both the yo-yo and the TH are traveling in parallel motions towards the NTH. Hope this helps!

Or you can just fall on your sword :wink:


Good advice here! Definitely release a little later and smooth it out a lot, if you try and force it at all the loop wont happen. And stay with it. Ive been at it for 15 years and still cant land them all the time :joy:


I’m trying to find the video that helped me.  The key to opening up that loop was that the throw hand does a circle around the yoyo and then pulls the string to the right.  That makes the loop open up.  But it’s completely a “feel” thing.  If you overdo it then it won’t work.  But when it does work try to remember how that felt and try to duplicate those motions.

If I can find the video again I’ll post it here.


Found It!

Notice how his throw hand is moving to the right and up?  That’s opening up the loop.


I feel your pain on this trick. Been working on it over a month and am no where near consistent. Usually it’s about 1 out of 4 attempts.