Suicide Help - The Landing

Hey everyone! I decided to take another shot at suicides today, and it’s actually coming together! My main issue currently is when I land it, there tends to be an extra twist or two in my string. I have good tension, so is this part of the trick simply giving a bit more of a pull with my throwhand?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “more of a pull with your throwhand” but an extra wrap around your finger is normal mostly due to tight string tension. Unless you mean an extra wrap around your bearing in which case i am unsure what would cause that.

since you are warming up to suicides a hint i always do is extend all of your fingers with your non throw hand and try to hit the loop. This way you have 4 fingers shooting for the gap other than 1. I’ve landed suicides on my middle and ring finger plenty of times.

Hope this helps!

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The easiest way for me to do them is have the yoyo sitting in the middle of your trapeze, and open the loop with all your fingers of your NTH.