Please help me with the 1a suicide

Can’t seem to get it please help


The best tip I can give you here is to move your throw hand in a counter clockwise direction as you swing it around to catch. Try to keep your throw hand directly opposite the loop you’ll be catching.

Edit to add: don’t forget to check your string tension beforehand as well. Has to be absolutely neutral.


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Try learning a ghost suicide first it’s really easy but I can find a tutorial for it for now but it helps you get the motion of the suicide down just your not catching the loop.

Start with the yoyo near your throw hand. As you do the suicide, make the string slide through the yoyo so that when you catch it, the yoyo is closer to your non throw hand. This makes the loops in the suicide very big.

What’s a ghost suicide?

I’ll look into it thanks!!


We’re can I find a tutorial for the ghost suicide?


I’m curious as well.

Something that helped me is putting your whole nth in to the loop before you release it over your throw hand. You’ll be able to see the opening in the string a lot more easily

Ok thanks!!


this is what i found: get into a gt, or a false gt, if youre afraid of dropping it. practice suicides like this, as the loop is much bigger, and when youve mastered those, try the normal trapeze suicides. gt suicides look great in combos too.

hope i could help!

GT suicides are totally sick! Especially when you’ve got the string tension absolutely perfect and it holds that perfect triangle shape as it swings around. drools


thx for the help. I tryed the gt suicide and laded it first try then with in five mins I landed my first suicide. this really helped

I know from experience that it scores well in comp. The risk factor :wink:

On the topic of GT suicides, try and learn how to do a 360 suicide. I am obsessed with them as of now and also a challenge for suicides is doing them from an hourglass mount.