Need help on Boing-E-Boing


Could someone please tell me what am I doing wrong on this trick, when I get it adjusted and I start moving my hand up and down, it either slides up and down or twists around the string and the string gets tangled up. Thanks in advance.


What helped me was flicking my wrist back and forth until I got it.


It helps me to just move my hand back and forth until I get the yoyo going, and then I go up and down. It also sounds like you aren’t going up and down hard enough.
Hope I halped! ;D


Alright, even when I just move my hand up and down just one time it acts crazy and bounces sideways off the string or if it goes in the right direction, it misses the string, and when I make the string a little bit tighter, it makes the yo-yo die to fast.

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #5

You have to SLITLEY move your hand back and forth, just so you can barley see ur hand move, and move your hand back and forth, ull get nots alot when learning

(JonasK) #6

I started to wonder what that word meant even before I started to read your post.


Hand goes up and down=good
Back and forth=not good.


I highly suggest you don’t do this. It is a method not recommended when learning boing-e-boing, and is just generally incorrect.

(YoYoBlaze) #8

keep the strings lined up and keep them from touching the sides. start with small boin e’s and gradually make bigger one’s don’t worry you’ll get it . i’m still working on it too!!!

(Infinite Chaos) #9

what i found helped was when you’re coming into the Boingy section of the trick (as you bring your throwhand up) try throwing the yoyo forward into the front string, it’ll start the yoyo bouncing for you. All you have to do is then practice getting the motion of bouncing it. Takes practice, I’m sure you’ll get it though. :slight_smile:


make sure the strings on both pointer pinger are lined up it takes alot of practice to get this trick but its all about getting the motchin down


Thanks everyone for the help, I still can’t do it, yet, but I did solve the twisting around the string problem.

(SR) #12

Well, what are you having trouble with? We can help.


When I try the trick now, I bounce my finger up and down, then the yo-yo bounces up and down, but I know it is not recommended but I tried the back and forth method and it bounced a few times but it eventually bounced out of the strings, but I want to learn it the correct way. Could someone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong?

(Mark) #14

I would try doing the trick with your throw hand closer to you so it makes a 45 degree angle and I would make sure your strings are PERFECTLY lined up and it will bounce into the right string.

I wish I had a picture to show you…

(Infinite Chaos) #15

If you check out Andre’s video here on the site, try doing what he does. Dont’ try bouncing the yoyo immediately, just get it into position and start doing small bounces until you can get a rhythm going.

EDIT: Here’s the link for that video:



I had the same problem when first starting out with that trick. I found that if you do one barrel roll so you have and extra wrap around you throwing hand it really helps keep the strings aligned and then from there its just concentrating on keeping your throwhand pointer finger perpendicular to the string to keep a strait bounce and make sure to do the up and down movement. NOT THE FORWARD BACKWARD, I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THAT.

(Infinite Chaos) #17

Yeah i had forgotten about shrinking the size of the bouncing area with the barrel rolls. Thanks Young@Heart


Thanks for the help everybody, I can finally do a few bounces on boing-e-boing by doing one barrel roll, but it eventually bounces out of the strings, so I just need to practice at it.

(Infinite Chaos) #19

That’s awesome! Glad we could help. :smiley: Given a little practice you’ll be a pro. ;D

(Hardcore_Max) #20

when i was having trouble with this trick i got a really good reply check this link its got a really good picture explaination

happy throwing