Name a yoyo that's so good you had to buy at least 2!

Like the title says; Name a yoyo that’s so good you had to buy at least 2 or more and explain why!

For me, I bought 2 YYF onestars. The first I bought for single A and I prize it alot. So I bought a second one because of its extremely amazing play and its super strong durability. I use the second one for practicing 5A and 4A so if I accidentally drop it, it wont break, ding, etc.

So just add what yoyo’s you have 2 of!


I’m getting a 2nd prestige friday

Prestige. I bought 2 and won a 3rd

I’ve owned a lotbof the same yoyo, but not at the same time

Chief, Avalanche, and Bassalope are ones worth the doubles.

Yeti, once had two Majesties.

Dollar Tree Yoyo

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Two YYR Sleipnir (there’s a reason almost every player on the YYR contest team without a signature model was using these), two YoyoJoker Eternity (got a pair of these because I found some b-grades at half price and needed a pair for competition), and two Gen Yo M10s (also for competition purposes).


OG Irony. I don’t have the 2nd one yet.


The first throw I owned multiples of was the original Bear Vs. Man.

All these multiples threads lately, are creating so much excitement. ;D Some of mine:

Genesis #5
Burnsides #2
Delrin Severes #2
Shutter #5
9.06 #2
Sovereign #2
Chief #2
Cliff #2
Avalanche #2
H.O.T. #4
Ministar #2
Classic #6
Code2 #2
DMII #10
El Ranchero #3
Avant Garde #3
Summit #3
MonkeyFist #2
Hatrick #2
Dietz #2
EH #2
EH 2013 #2
Catalyst #2
Wrath #2
Model 10 #3
FHZ #3
Dingo #10
54 #3
Majesty #4
Exit 8 #2
Arctic Circle #2
Supernova #2
Markmont Next #3
Ricochet #2
Northstar #3
Super G #2
Rally # 3

2 TiWalkers

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Magic yoyo T5s. I had one, bought another 2, and now I’m just hunting ebay to get more.
Magic yoyo N12s. Bought a second one as soon as I threw my first one.

I feel like the Yeti has been the only yoyo I’ve even considered having two of in recent years. That being said, I only have one…


Duncan FH2

quake :smiley:

I have plenty of yoyos that I have at least two of but to actually purchase retail two of the same. There has only been one, TenYoYo Bebop.