Name a yoyo that's so good you had to buy at least 2!

wow! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Yyf primo

only yo yo i bought 2 of…is the eetsit & bape’ by anti-yo. though they were released under dif-ferent names, basically the same yo yo.


forgot…freehand zero as well :slight_smile:



Stickman has 42 Chiefs. Always worth a mention.

I’m not one for doubles really. My only main one is the 7075 “Doomsday” Genesis. They made a golden “44Clash” edition that I wanted to get my hands on as well as the regular one, and thanks to a generous forum member, I was indeed able to do just that. :slight_smile:

Im tempted to buy another Galaxy Proton just because they’re so pretty, but I’ll hold off for now. I just wish YYF would “Galaxy” more things!

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I don’t actually have 2 of any. The only reason I would get a second is to use it at contests.

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Grabbed a second Pulsefire… but mainly so that I could do a mixed-halves edition. :wink:

The Pulsefire looks sick. Too bad I blew all my money on a Albatross :slight_smile:

I have quite a number of DANGs.

Don’t you also have multiples of every one drop yoyo, Paul?

The top row are all SkyLines. The bottom three rows are all 888’s. I have a few more of each but they don’t fit in the case. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a second yet, but the prestige makes me want multiples of it.

Edit : still love my skylines too.

I want 2 Luis Genesis’s

G Squared Yoyos—Quake

I currently own two. I’ll probably get another one or two in my case over some time.

None are that good to buy two for me. Maybe if I was into 2a or 3a i would consider it.

Classic. That’s been my reply to so many thread questions.

Auldey Magnum and Auldey Ares.

Catalyst just as it happens.



Want 2 essences, 5 chiefs, 2 yetis, 5 more chiefs, and every other clyw and general yo yoyos