My Yelets keeps tilting and wont bind.

I recently received one of those special edition un-engraved Yelets. It seemed to work fine, but when i started doing tricks i noticed that if my throw was even the slightest bit off it would tilt and then spin out. Then I noticed that after completing a trick if the yoyo slowed down even a little that I couldn’t get it to bind, ???. P.S I don’t think the binding issue is my fault because i can bind other yoyo’s after completing the same tricks with ease.

I guess the Yelets isn’t that stable? What other yo-yos do you usually use?

I am starting to see too many posts like this. I do not know whether this is manufacturers having a war between the lines or what. But us forum members should not have to wade through this.

What is the purpose of this post? Posting this serves no purpose other than to bash a particular yoyo or manufacturer. Did you register two days ago just to bash a particular yoyo on the forum? Thanks so much.

Again, what is the purpose of this post? What resolution or satisfaction is the poster seeking? What can the manufacturer or the yoyo do to make this issue “right”?

If you do not like the a yoyo, then express that opinion in a constructive manner; post a review. A thoughtful review that clearly states your opinions and cites evidence, experiences to back that opinion up. In that format, you are free to express your negative and positive opinions in a way that is constructive even for the manufacturer; in the form of consumer feedback. That would be useful information for the forum members to read.

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Um I was hoping someone would know whats wrong and maybe find a way to correct it, im not bashing one drop or the yelets…OneDrop happens to be my favorite brand as well as the yelets being one of my favorite throws…so may I ask what your issue is with me? All I wanted to know is if there is a way to fix this that anyone knows of. I’m sorry if I caused any unneeded stress or miscomprehension I was just looking for a solution.

I’ve thrown the adegle PSG (cheap but works well) As well as the rally and of course the yelets, I also used a recrev a couple times, I don’t know which yoyo that one was though, I just remember it being a recrev lol.

If it isn’t binding I would check the response.

As for the tilting, I don’t know you or how long you have been throwing so I am only going on a hunch. From the information you have given it sounds like you need to work on your throw. The Yelets is a thinner yo-yo so it can be a little less stable than the wider throws on the market. I don’t think the yo-yo is to blame for the tilting.

Hope this helps.

If I have mis-interpreted, I am truly sorry. But a logical review of your post does not suggest any determinant response other than the types already given. Is there really important information here? Or, are the others just stating the obvious; like learn to throw better?

If that is truly the problem, I would suggest a bit of practice and a review of Andre’s tutorials before making posts suggesting issues with the equipment by-name.

It’s most likely your throw for the tilting, here is a good video for fixing tilting. As saintrobyn said, the Yelets is a thinner throw, so it’s naturally less stable, even when compared to the plastic PSG.

As for your trouble with binding, if you can bind fine on the Rally and PSG, then it’s most likely the response. You got it used, right? If so, then the response is worn out.

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As yoyo spirit said the tilting isn’t really on the yoyo. Make sure your throw is straight as possible. Most of us are used to using wider yoyos so our throw gets sloppy. With a narrow yoyo you have to be more precise.

As for the binds it has to be the response. Although if you bought new talk yye about sending you some new ones. I got a Yelets of the same deal just today and it’s binds are snappy as can be. If it was used you should buy pads yourself.

Besides technique, it could be the response. Check and see if either of the pads has come loose and might be sticking up above flush a little bit.

As far as the tilting, that is 100% your technique. As far as the binding, there is either something wrong with the response or your technique. Considering the tilting issue you’re having, I would be more prone to believe it is somehow your technique than the response. There is surely nothing wrong with your yoyo.

Ok, so I’m pretty sure I got the binding fixed, and I guess I just need to work on my throw with thinner yoyos thanks for the help. :smiley:

Glad you got it worked out man, welcome to the forums.

I have never in my life had any problems with the Yelets. I’ve owned 3 before, currently own two of the Unengraved ones. They’re in my top 3 favorite OD throws.

I believes hat if you’re having problems with tilting that your throw isn’t very accurate.
An inaccurate throw won’t allow solid binds because it is well…tilting thus meaning low spin speeds.

Work on your throw.

I haven’t played a yelets, but I’ve played plenty of undersized throws, and many of them are by nature “unstable” They will tilt in an instant if your throw is not straight, or if you don’t have enough power behind your throw. As others have said, the key is to work on your throw…

Or cheat

Get yourself a string-centering bearing and it will eliminate a big percentage of tilting. dif-e-yo Konkave bearings work the best (imo) but centertracks will also help.

Yes I’ve noticed that a tilted yoyo doesn’t bind very well.

I believe that’s a misconception. In my experience a KK doesn’t fix a tilt. On a decent throw they keep the string from rubbing the sidewalls but they won’t fix a bad throw.

Trade it to me. Problem solved.

Now that I have been correcting my throw I rather like my yelets, shoot me an offer though if your actually lookin for a trade.

I’m loving the Yelets. I’ve found that I prefer it with spike se’s if your interested in trying something different.

I came in here to show some sympathy to the OP since I’ve had this “problem” with my Dollar Tree YoYo and fixed it by improving my technique but now I’m trying really hard not to say "I bet if I had made this thread but titled it ‘My $Tree yoyo keeps tilting and won’t bind’ it would be met with a round of applause :\ " but I won’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not know it was such a big no-no for a less experienced person to try to figure out if there’s something wrong with his yoyo in public.

Like… really.

Anyway… yeah. Thanks for that video on fixing a tilting throw :smiley: