tilting yoyo must be my fault?

so i’ve been at this yoyo thing for just over 2 months now. I recently modded my yomega dash (flame on!) by simply cleaning the bearing for a half hour in mineral spirits and it’s 100% unresponsive. but since that my yoyo seems to tilt alot. I’d never had the problem when it was responsive i’m just wondering if it’s solely my fault? or are yoyos simply more difficult to keep straight when it’s unresponsive for whatever reason? even a seemingly straight breakaway turns into a UFO halfway through buddhas revenge!

yup. it’s your fault. Buddha’s revenge is one of those tricks where if you dont have a perfect throw you are dead. Are you throwing as hard as you can?

that’s actually something i catch myself not doing sometimes. i just did the matrix a few times pretty smooth it just seems to tilt more often than it used to, which was not at all, especially if i miss a bind. im not being crazy or exaggerating anything, but if it doesn’t happen every time then there must be a need for fine tuning on my part. Thanks though i’ll make throwing hard an immediate reaction like i should have from the start right? hah

It’s probably you, but it could also be from that the sides aren’t even, which is causing the yoyo to tilt. :slight_smile:

3 factors go into this in my personal experience:

  1. Initial Throw
  2. Smooth Limb Movement
  3. “Stable” Hands - Not all over the place

I do recommend a YYJ Bi Metal or YYF Star Plastic (Protostar, NorthStar, Starlite) to help this a bit more. I feel they will work a bit better, IMO.

But, work on straighter throws and more fluid movement. That’s all you should worry about.

The yoyo’s you stated will do nothing for his throw. Nothing at all. All he needs to do is practice.


I guess I didn’t quite mean to put it in those words. I wasn’t trying to say they would straighten his throw. TBH, I was trying to say the ones I listed would be of a higher quality to some degree, and would work better than the Dash.

Again, the yoyo thing was sort of an opinion, so I guess that shouldn’t have been in there.

You should be able to get a straight throw with even a YYJ Projam…
It’s all in the throw.

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Of course. I understand that. What I meant was while the yoyo was in “mid-trick”, which is where he’s having trouble.

I think every yoyo has their prone to tilting. Its just higher or lower the stability is.
its just how you can control it not to.

anyway, buddha revenge is a trick with element that can cause friction between yoyo and string, depending on how well you can control your yoyo to minimize these friction, the less likely it will tilt.

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jbh8426 is right. Even yoyo with not as high quality can do the same thing. And besided, the Dash isn’t too bad of a yoyo when cleaned. I can do any normal tricks on it that I can do with any other yoyo

Of course. I understand, and it was a simple suggestion :wink: