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When I throw a sleeper sometimes the yoyo is tilted diagonally or off center any idea why its doing that? And when I do throw a decently straight sleeper when I go into a mount into a brain twister or barrel roll the yoyo starts to tilt too and by the time I try to bind it up its either on its way to being sideways/offcenter/too slow to bind. I’m sure the slow spinning and binding is just a mistake on my part but any tips or tricks on how habitually fix this? :-\

Update : I can’t get my bind at any speed lower than my original sleeper. The yoyo just slows down cause it starts to slightly move left and makes the string to grind on the yoyo

Even when the yoyos about to die I can get my yoyo back. Try pinching the bind and see if that helps. As for the tilting check the orientation of your hand. Just sit there throwing sleepers and adjusting your hand till it looks right.

As unsatisfying of an answer as this is, for the most part this is just practice. I think everyone starts off throwing wonky sleepers and breakaways when they first start, it just takes practice to get them consistently straight.

This could be a that the strings aren’t lined up straight and are rubbing against the response. Try it again and look closely at what the strings are doing when you’re throwing a brain twister. If they’re off center and you’re applying pressure then the yoyo will naturally gyro-flop off its axis, everything needs to be kept in a straight line in order to keep the yoyo straight.

With practice you should be able to get binds at very low RPMs, even on a throw with a wearing response. Mind if I ask what yoyo you’re using? If you’re using a Yoyofactory then you can swap the standard white pads out for something like the natural pads that are a bit more grippy so will be easier to bind with if you’re having that much trouble.

As far as binding at slow speeds goes, watch the final bind of this video:

What Clint does if you look carefully is that as he binds he doesnt just drop the yoyo and leave it to return to his hand, he pulls it up into the air and then moves his hand closer to it so that it can pick up the slack easier. Its hard to describe but if you study it you’ll see that it can be done with very little spin because it’s somewhat weightless in free-flight so doesn’t need the same momentum to wind itself up against it’s hanging weight.

Its very hard to say exactly what the problem is since we don’t have a video or anything. At any rate, when I started it took me ages to learn to throw straight and even longer to learn to bind consistently. Just keep at it and eventually you’ll get it… just wait till you start learning magic drop or brent stole… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m using a yomega maverick
it was a gift before that I had a dollar yoyo from five below LOL

Actually only started on saturday :\ I didn’t pick the maverick in hindsight maybe should’ve gotten something easier to use but I got what I got:-(

This happens almost to everyone in the beginning. You need to work on your sleeper by practicing to throw it and learning how to comfortably bind it. It will come with time, but then you will learn how to control the tilting in your yoyo and perform a clean bind.

edit: I misunderstood the OP and reply about something else, my bad.
Getting more technical, try to learn tilt control. You don’t “need” to throw completely straight, just straight enough then fix the tilt on the go.
Watch where the string rubs the yoyo body, it will affect the direction of the tilt. If the yoyo start tilting to the right (looking from yoyoer’s perspective), put the string somewhat more diagonally to the right (looking from the top), and vice versa. The thing with spinning stuff such as yoyos is, there is something called “gyroscopic precession” where basically the yoyo will react quarter turn after your induced tilting action. So like, if you move “against” the yoyo direction in certain angle, be it putting the yoyo on the string or swing it around, the yoyo will react quarter turn after that…

Say if your yoyo spin forward and you do tricks a bit diagonally to the right (looking from the top), the yoyo will not turn right along with the string, but it will instead tilt to the left (imagine the yoyo turn right like a wheel, then gyroscopic precession affect it after the yoyo spins forward quarter turn, it will be in tilting left position).

I don’t try to make you more confused, just some people (like me) actually prefer more technical explanation than just “practice”. I personally can do tilt control long before I even know what gyroscopic precession is, it comes from practice and it’s like yoyoer’s second nature, be they understand it or not.

Oh and a good video explaining what I just said in a lot simpler way:

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So I actually found a really beat up metal drifter that I can practice with. It’s a little wider than the maverick and aside from actually practicing straightening it out practice does help the yoyo stop tilting. The actual explanation of it now just clarified it. I figured most things out :smiley: Thanks for everything everyone <3 I’ll be asking a lot more when I get better and go into harder stuff.