2 issues I'm stumped on

1st issue is for some reason on almost every throw the yoyo tends to go sideways or in other words tilting to one side. The string will not stay centered. String is not twisted at all.

2nd issue is binding. No matter which way you try it I always and I mean always get a tail.

Have had the yoyo for a few days. New werrd eighty six 400.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Even doing rock the baby you can’t because the yoyo goes on an angle. :confused:

Well, practice. Not too many tips to give on tilting. Throw with your hand straighter I guess? Try standing in front of a wall and make sure your yoyo is parallel to it then throw.
Binding comes to you when you get more comfortable. The tail is normal at first.
Try pinching the strong before the bind. That might help.

Does it matter how much space is between the yoyo and your hand pinching the string? If so how much. Should it be a lot or short like 6 inches or so from yoyo

To be honest, I don’t think so.
I Just do whatever, and I mean I can do it with an almost full length of string, or with an inch of string.
Just see what you like!

Ok. It works sometimes. Lol. One time it’s perfect next I get a tail. Lol. I bind it doing trapeze mostly. Sometimes it doesn’t come up at all and yoyo dies. Just the yoyo I’m guessing

I highly doubt its the yoyo

you want to undermount trapeze not normal trapeze.
If you do a normal side style throw (break away) then you will not be able to bind consistently in a normal trapeze, the yoyo will be spinning in the wrong direction.

Don’t worry about the string being centered. Just worry about keeping the your throw straight because normally the string will sit on one side or the other but that won’t cause the yoyo to tilt unless the spin is really weak. Binding doesn’t require you to pinch the string and if you are pinching it you have a higher chance of making a tail. Of course pinching the string makes it easier to bind though.

  1. How long have you been throwing? If it hasn’t been long, then your throw probably needs some work. I was like that when I very first started. I would get a really responsive yoyo (Brain, FAST 201, etc.) and just practice your throws. Make sure they are straight before you try to do anything with an unresponsive metal.

  2. Tell me 100% exactly what you do. Because, the most likely reason that you have a tail is not the string or the yoyo, but you. After you complete step #1 above, start working on binding with your 86400.

All in all, just practice right now. That’s the only way to get better.

Better yet make a video!

Make sure the string is coming off your hand right if you throw with the string the wrong way off your finger it will go sideways and you cant bind off trapeze unless you cross the string that is why your gatting a tail on the yoyo

I’ve been throwing for about 20 yrs. Just recently got back into it. Gave away 4 of my xbrains and a raider to a buddy of mine. My bonfire works fine without any issues.

But anyways It ended up just being the string.

However on binding I don’t cross the string. No need to. It comes right up normally. It’s a hit or miss on getting a tail. Just need more practice on the non responsive.