Any YYF Velocity experts out there?

So I bought a Yoyofactory Velocity a few weeks ago, after hearing tons of amazing reviews for it. But since I got it I’ve been having problems with it.

Basically, where I’ve got it set (towards the pro end, even on each dial) it sleeps well, and wakes up well. But if you try a string trick like a brain twister or trapeze, it just stops. Don’t even get me started on a gravity flop.

So if I go further towards pro, it sleeps like a monster, but won’t wake up. Like at all. And then on top of that string tricks still kill it.

So am I doing something wrong? Is the yoyo faulty? I’ve never had a yoyo this impossible to wake up and definitely never had one stall like this. It’s really weird.

Any help would be awesomesauce.

hard to tell if it is faulty, or something from the distance.

But to overall, the velocity is not the greatest YoYo, but the greatest introducer to modern/newschool yoyoing. By “dailing” you alter the “Response System” what basically transforms the velocity from an old school “thug responsive”(what you mean with wakeing up) YoYo, to an Newschool “unresponsive”(“binding required”) YoYo.

So when dailed to PRO and the stringgap is wide it is supposed to not wake up without “the bind”.

It is quite a step to learn “binding” to so much worth it.

see Andrey´s videos in the tutorial section of this site and start with somewhere with “basics” and “binds”

Tldr. Learn bind when set on pro.

sorry, bind is in the intermediate-section.

When the yoyo doesn’t return when you tug it up, it’s called unresponsive, you can return it with a trick called “bind”, google “how to bind yoyo”.
Generally people play this way for mainly two reasons, more sleep time, and less snags/more consistency when doing intricate tricks (so that the yoyo won’t suddenly catch/roll the string mid play). Pretty much all modern bearing yoyos are designed to be played this way, although you can always lube the bearing and it will be responsive (or wake up as you say).
If you kill the spin when doing tricks, then you’re most likely not moving the string parallel to the gap of the yoyo, the string rubs the yoyo body causing excessive tilting/leaning and eventually kills the spin.

Alright, checked out the bind return video. Think I’m going to have to learn it the ghetto brain twister way though. :frowning: this yoyo is so bloody light it’s genuinely hard to do a trapeze on it. Never bloody lands on the string. Will give it a shot and post back. Haha thanks for your suggestions and patience. :smiley:

Alright so I’ve been practicing binds, but it just doesn’t seem to work. Mind you this is the Brain Twister way since the trapeze is just crap with how light this yoyo is. So the issue is, it will come back but with no momentum at all. It just slowly climbs up the string so that the next time I throw, it has no spin and just dies. Thoughts?

The lightness shouldn’t be a major issue. Just keep practicing binding and they’ll get better. If you can bind consistently maybe get a high end plastic or budget metal

If you can bind any yoyo, then you can bind a Velocity. Spend more time practicing bind and you’ll get it. Mind you I learned bind in like 3 weeks.

Crikey. o.o;
I’ve been using this:

But when it binds and returns it just goes super slow and wraps really loosely.

When binding, you want your throwhand to pull up just like with a responsive yoyo, and your binding hand stays, this will pull the whole momentum upward, instead of throwing the bind loop into the yoyo, which will cause the yoyo to stall downward first before catching the string costing a lot of valuable spin momentum.
Also string length makes a lot of difference, you may want to try making the bind loop longer or shorter and see the difference, generally if the bind loop is too long it will snag and not roll up properly, and if the bind loop is too short it won’t bind.
You may also want to try pinching the string on your binding hand to help getting the feel of it.

Practice will get you there. The velocity is on the low end but is within ‘normal’ weight range for a yoyo (63-70 with the a mid of around 66gm). If you need more rotational force, throw harder or bind before the yoyo slows significantly. It is very much a technique thing. Experienced players can Bind tight with almost zero spin. It sounds like you are doing everything right and are in the verge of success.

Speaking of the Velocity…

I mean yes, it’s Jensen, and he could pull off a 1 minute tech combo with a Duncan Imperial… but it still shows just what is possible with a Velocity.  :wink:

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Time for the bitter truth. It’s you.

I love my velocity however would never recommend it to anyone.
It’s finicky, vibey and unstable. You need to throw dead straight to give yourself a fighting chance of landing anything.
Just practice your sleeper. Practice, practice, practice and you should see it stopping less fingers crossed.

My philosophy is, the more unstable starting out, the better.

Keep using your Velocity for awhile. You’re gonna be extremely accurate in your tricks when you move onto something more high-end if you can nail every trick on the Velocity.

we can may resolve the issue with a little explanation video from you

See that’s the thing is it won’t go dead straight. Even if I just throw straight down the thing is crooked, like tilted to one side. I’ve retied, I’ve readjusted the dials, I’ve practice like crazy and it’s always crooked. When I bind, even the easy “sure fire” way, it does one of two things. Hauls itself slowly and miserably up the string, or snaps back at the speed of sound and almost breaks my finger. No matter how consistent my throws and my binds, the results are never consistent.

The yo-yo “tilting” is pretty common when learning to yo-yo, it has to do with your technique. It is typically caused by turning your hand over too soon after throwing the yo-yo down. The next time you throw, watch when you turn your hand and try it a few different ways, you’ll probably be able to pick out what you’re doing wrong.

The snap back when binding either means you have the response set too close (responsive) or you are throwing too much string into the gap. Try using less string to bind and make sure the gap is as wide as it can go and you should have an easier time binding.

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First of all, you don’t need to throw the yoyo dead straight, even the experienced players don’t, and it’s not necessary. If it’s tilted, it can always be nudged back straight. The problem is you don’t know how to do it yet, and it will come from practice.
Basically the yoyo tilts because the string is touching the wall of the yoyo, like if the yoyo moves slightly crooked with respect to the gap/direction of the yoyo. For example if you’re doing forward throw, then swing back and forth or do pinwheel or whatever slightly diagonally to the right, the yoyo will start tilting to the left, and vice versa, if the yoyo spins the opposite, the effect will be the opposite (I wrote this by memory). This is the most crucial part of yoyoing that I don’t think often explained enough, that is “tilting control”.

There is no reason that you can’t bind with a Velocity, you simply need to work on it for a few days or weeks to get the feel of it. Don’t worry, taking some time to learn is normal.

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Regarding slow bind. You may have to do a stronger throw. The speed comes from the wrist flip, not the arm. Or as mentioned, if the yoyo is not in the string plane that will slow it down a lot.

Re: Trapeze. Keep the non-throw hand close to the yoyo so your loop is smaller. If you’re missing the string then that may also point to a string plane issue. Adjust your throw hand so the string stays in the same plane.

Re: Angled after throw. The yoyo will spin in whatever position it’s in when it leaves your hand. If you’re turning your hand over too soon (before the yoyo leaves your hand) or if your hand is rotated at all when releasing the yoyo it will immediately lean. Try this: Set it to Pro so it won’t respond. Then do a throw and keep your throw hand palm up. If you’re throwing flat then the string should be hanging off of the tip of your middle finger. If the string is popping off then you may be turning your hand on the release.

Re: Spin dying off. I’ve had 2 Velocity yoyos and they benefit from a single drop of thin lube. Also, that whole string plane issue will kill it for you as well.