Help me, please.

I previously got some Yomega starter set a few years ago, yet I was never abvle to do anything besides make it sleep.
The other day I picked up a Yoyo Factory Velocity and I have been working with it. I am able to make it sleep, nearly every time I throw it. I have found that after doing this a few times, it will sleep, yet I will not be able to pull it back up. I don’t know what causes this? When I try to walk the dog, it curves away and I have to pull it up before it winds up on its side, I am pretty sure its due to the way I am throwing it. I am curious if maybe I need something with a wider profile so it would fit in my hand better?

I was also wondering how long I should be practicing? Should I be focusing on one trick per session, or bounce around and try others?

on this site there are a list of tutorials… look for the one that talks about binding the yoyo… that will help you out alot.

I have a Velocity. I have found that the setting can change little by little, if it’s not turned all the way in one direction or the other. So it might just be that your string gap is getting wider until it no longer responds.

^^^what alecto said^^^    Here’s a link for you:

Once you are able to master this, You will probably start looking for another yoyo!  ;D

So would you recommend I move the slider to unresponsive to work on this?

If you want it to snap back to your hand after just a tug, the Velocity is probably set too unresponsive at the moment. I’d recommend you learn to bind sooner rather than later, though, and set the Velocity to pro. The more time that goes by, the less importance I put on ever bothering with responsive play. But I still wouldn’t discount that it might be worth it to learn the absolute basics playing responsive (and some early tricks basically require it).

The Velocity is a decent enough throw to grow with you for a while, but it won’t be long before you’re thinking of upgrading.

I just recently purchased the yyj surge, and I am also new to yo-yoing. But I can do a bind, and I think the surge is a great unresponsive yoyo. You can buy it responsive. but once you learn to bind, like others have said you’ll be looking for a new yoyo. I’d recommend the surge. It’s a great price. Dense plastic. Great weight. I feel like I can really grow with this yoyo. And I believe you could too. Of course that is your choice. There are plenty of great choices.

Shouldn’t Jesse Custer be able to use the word and just tell the Yoyo what to do? Lol

Ha! Awesome, thanks!

I did a few binds sucessfully last night, but I kept getting a loop sticking out when the yoyo was wound. I think I am just not doing it great.

It could be that your velocity is set to a wierd in between responsive and unresponsive so that when you band it snags up before you have time to feed in the loop which is probably why you have a loop sticking out when you bind. So try turning the dials to all the way unresponsive.