Hello, I just got my New Velocity today. I am just going to get right to my problem. When I set it to the easiest possible with the dials, the only time when it is responsive is when I do a gravity pull. I tried the UFO and when I tried to yank it back to my hand, it did absolutely nothing (unresponsive). I am just about to quit yoyoing, I am just not getting it at all. And also, how is it possible to walk the dalk with a responsive yoyo if it does not sleep? Thanks.


If the yoyo is responsive you can’t Walk the Dog because it has to sleep. The yoyo will be responsive or totally unresponsive, depending on how you adjust the dials.

Just keep messing with it. It’s a great yoyo. No reason to quit because you can’t do something as soon as you try it. Jensen didn’t win contests the day after he started yoyoing. You won’t either.


I have it set to the most possible responsive, and when I do a UFO and tug it, it won’t come back. I’m scared lol.


You have to practice man. With anything worth doing in life, it takes practice and determination. What else would you be doing if you just quit yoyoing today?

And what are you scared of? Have you been reading that injury thread? There are more things you do in your daily life that are more dangerous than yoyos…


Could you (or anybody else) explain why when I Try to do a trick, right now being the UFO, why it won’t come back? Or is it normal, and yeah, the dials are set to the easiest possible.


Just practice throwing in a diagonal motion for a while. Can you throw the yoyo down and get it back to your hand? If not, practice some more of that. You will get it man, just keep doing it.


Every time I do it, it just spins at the bottom of the string in a weird way. I don’t understand how you can practice to make that go away. It just seems like its unresponsive even though its set to the easiest most responsive possible…


Don’t worry, its not the yoyo. You can’t be expected to nail UFO down pat on your first day. Heck, that was one of the tricks I hated most…work on your sleeper, learn the basic bottom and bind mounts, the move on to the Split Bottom mount and tricks. After that, trapeze, double or nothing, matrix, etc. One and a half mount may be very difficult, but I’m going too far ahead here…


Thanks! For once I am actually happy that its me doing something wrong and not the object that I am using haha! Joking. But thanks though. I’ll try out some other tricks and let you know how they go. :smiley:


Just practice your throw for now. Learn how to throw straight. Learn how to make the yoyo sleep and then tug it to return to your hand. Learn a bind return. Learn Rock the Baby. Learn Around the World…


But you can’t sleep and have a yoyo responsive at the same time?


It can be tug responsive so you don’t have to bind to get it to return to your hand.


Ooohhhh OK thanks. I’ll try out a few different moves out and let you know how it works.


If you need any help with tricks or anything, shoot me a private message. :slight_smile:


Yes you can, even responsive yoyos sleep, which means you can also walk the dog and do a IFO.

Responsive just means it will come back with a tug after it sleeps. A responsive yoyo will sleep, including fixed axle yoyos which are very responsive. Most people can walk the dog with a fixed axle yoyo. Probably not as long as with a bearing yoyo, but that is the type of yoyo available when all of those legacy tricks were invented, including UFO.

As noted above, you need to practice and develop your throw. Be patient - It takes time.


Awesome. Thank you all. I’ll do a bit more research because apparently 10+ hours isn’t enough.


In the end, research won’t make make you be able to do a trick. It’s up to you. Sure, looking at tutorials and high speed videos REALLY helps, but it all comes back to you. You need to practice, and be persistent. A lot of us here have acquired our skills over months, even years. Just keep practicing, and it’ll come to you.

Please, don’t quit because you can’t do a trick after you’ve had your yoyo for a day. People like Jensen didn’t get where they are because they gave up after a few hours! Just keep going! You’ll get it soon!

I know how you feel. I’ve been trying to perfect Brent Stole for YEARS now, and have only landed it a handful of times. I think most of us have been in similar situations, where we haven’t been able to get a trick down for days, weeks, even months.

Yoyoing is more of a feel kind of thing, rather than something you can just read about for hours and immediately understand, like math, or most schoolwork for that matter. :slight_smile:


OK first, I never thought of that. And second, that third “paragraph” that you have wrote made me feel a billion times better XD


I really wouldn’t do UFO with a velocity
Maybe with a looping yoyo


Ahh OK. Thanks.