my stupid mess up at dxl

I messed up so much
well here is my failure
I forgot my routine

At least you competed, I would lose! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did lose

I hear bad luangauge :o

Hey Samad, Kim-Lan, I saw you guys on video, right at the beginning. Kim-Lan, good job on the 1A. and right at the end, Kim, didn’t you have Stronger as your song? Your freestyle was probably starting as the video ended.

Here’s my freestyle:

I could have done better, but I’m pretty satisfied with myself anyways.

she didn’t make the cut cause I hear a bad word on her song

Either way, you and Samad are very good players. :slight_smile:

You know they chose our songs, right?

Yeah. At MA States and Z-Games, I think you have to have the edited version.

yeah I was messing around
I heard three bad songs that day

time to practice for redondo beach contest now and hope I will be satisfied

Grant was awesome too. He got older by a lot since is Legacy video.

he is still 13 like me :smiley:
or 14 I forgot:P

Dacklink, you did good. You don’t need a routine, thats why they call it a freestyle. Do random tricks like I do.

I did that for 2/2 of my contest
for once I want a routine

i didnt see alot of mess ups o i think u should have made it. and kim lan to. did samad and the orgamizer make it

Nah, I shouldn’t have made it. I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Samad didn’t compete and yes, Gerard was in the finals.

i messed up a lot trust me

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