Me on stage.. First time.. Need comment


a very bad freestyle though…
i forgot some of my tricks…

tell me what you think

(YoYoSwizz) #2

i dont know much but first time on stage is gonna be the hardest its nerves what can i say i thought you did pretty good better then what i can do


I kinda tried to be relaxed but it seems to slow everything down…
Didn’t get the chance to hit all of my tricks…
And my hands turned sweaty and mess everything up…
I hope I could do better next time…

Anymore comments??


Just a quick tip whenever you miss something you dont need to shake your head, sometimes that shows judges your not confident, But nice vid for ur first time on stage :slight_smile:


Try not to drop into a sleeper so much, it seems to end your combo.


I think you did great, nothing to be ashamed of at all. :slight_smile: Miles better than my first freestyle on stage. I don’t even have a video of mine but I know it was bad haha.
You’re doing awesome, have fun.


Yeah, you did pretty well. Especially for a first freestyle! You should see what my first looked like… :wink:
You will probably feel a lot more comfortable with your next performance, so you should do awesome next time! Good luck!


whenever i am in a combo and i mess i up i just hop it up into a brent stole in mid air which makes it look like i didnt do anything wrong


Yeah… I’m gonna try to make something to hide my mistakes…
I drop to sleeper because I was nervous, all sweaty hand, string tension messed and everything is messed up… haha…

Thanks guys… :smiley:


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