My first ever freestyle!

I competed in the sports division at SEC and placed 2nd! This is my first ever freestyle, and I have been yoyoing about a year now. Tell me what you think!

Good. Very good! I gotta admit that’s exactly how I like to act when I’m competing. It’s perfect in my opinion. And I think you’ve got way more control of your body and of the yoyo than most people who compete in 2 minute freestyles. How long have you been yoyoing?

people like i will just never be this smooth in my entire life

Thanks for the kind words guys! It means a lot

Good job dude! Great stage movement and eye contact with the crowd, with some really smooth combos to boot :slight_smile:

Thanks man!! Congrats on 2nd!

You did a great job for your first freestyle. Congrats on getting 2nd place. The only person that beat you was pro division-worthy but he couldn’t afford it (he told me). :smiley:

video removed :confused:

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up