My Ohio States Freestyle! Any Feedback?


Watch it in HD because the it’s kind of hard to watch on the lower resolutions. Any thoughts/feedback?

Here’s the video description:

Yoyo Used: One Drop Chik
Song Used: Flux Pavilion- Blow The Roof

This freestyle went pretty well for my first time competing. The smoothness could’ve been better and there were a few things I would’ve liked to hit, but it still went okay. I was so nervous I couldn’t feel my hands, though. I’ve been yoyoing for about a year now.

(Alex Fairhurst) #2

Hey good job! My first time competing I placed 7th, but there were only 7 people in finals XD It’s nerve racking, isn’t it?

I think an important pat of competing, even if your style isn’t fully developed, is to just go on stage and get exposure to it. It’s something that takes getting used to. And you seem to be doing just that.

Ohio is a great place to be a yoyoer right now. With people like Colin Beckford, Darnell Hairston, and Brandon Jackson around you will be a pro in no time.




Did anyone manage to get my freestyle?


Yeah, very nerve racking. They were supposed to have prelims this year but not enough people signed up, I guess. There were about 46 people in the 1A division.

I agree, Ohio is a great state if you yoyo. Unfortunately, I live in WV and there’s a lot less yoyo exposure there.


I don’t know, my dad recorded this video.


I ended up getting like 45th


we all know.

I was going to throw a yoyo up there for you, but you’d probably get disqualified :smiley:


My dude, Ben killed it.


That’s really good for only one year…


He’s an amazing thrower! You’ve got to meet him, he’s really nice :slight_smile: