Leftylink GA States Freestyle


Hey guys!  :smiley:

If you’ve seen my other thread you would know that recently I placed 3rd at the Georgia State Yoyo Contest, well now I have the video for it

And to give you a comparison this was me at the same competition a year ago (Looking back at this sends chills down my spine)

I definitely felt a bit more comfortable on stage this year but still the nerves got my hands shaking for the first 10 seconds of my freestyle. Regardless I am very happy with how I placed and I want your guys’ feedback to my performance and how I can improve in the future; any and all forms of constructive criticism are welcome.  :smiley:


Dang really good job and not too bad last year either. I hope my first competition goes well.


Gr8 m8 I r8 9/8


Thanks! The thing about last years freestyle was I didn’t really think I would make it into finals in the first place, so I didn’t practice my finals as extensively as I should’ve


I h8 this


Great! I actually thought this should have scored a little higher than Evan’s (his was great but I think you had a little more tech).


I thought both years performances were good.

Who are those guys that are yelling the whole time? I watched several of the videos from GA States and they were in every video I saw. It was hilarious!


There was a group of people right next to the stage on the right side who cheered through every freestyle. And, yes, it was hilarious.


I couldn’t get enough of it. I keep watching videos just to hear them yell.


I may not may not have been involved in that group  :smiley: :smiley:

from 6:47 through the next 2 freestyles was pretty hilarious


That was good lol


Any suggestions you all want to offer?

({RTD} alecto) #13

This brings up good memories… i wish that could have gone on for days.
The guys in the scream section were great does anybody have the video of when the main guy from that section got up to throw.


His name was Zach Smith and he finished 12th. His video has not been uploaded yet, but it will be posted here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYt6Ll2FGglWtcedXf_ixKw

As for your freestyle Darren Tan, it was amazing. You went right after me, right after I told you to make me look good. >:(  :smiley:
I still remember the look on your face when you go third and won Georgia State Champion. Priceless.


I think know that was a very good performance you did lefty. Everything looked really well. The only thing I guess is to work on not being giventoo nnervous like you were mentioning. Yeah, it’s hard to get up in front of a bunch of people for anything… Just try to think know positive, take a couple of really deep breaths, and if you have to, just try to pretend that no one is even there In front of you and your just throwing all by yourself. I know it’s kinda hard, but it works.

Keep up the awesome work man!