My Georgia YoYo Contest Freestyle

How do you like it? It was my FIRST competitive freestyle EVER! I actually had a better two minute freestyle planned, but the contest decided to have one minute prelims three days before the event! So had to condense it down to this…and sadly I didn’t make it to finals to show my two minute freestyle. But I was really close! The top 15 went to finals and I got 17th…

I didn’t hit/have time to do everything that I wanted, but I hope you like it!

But I really want to know what you think! So feedback would be GREAT!

BTW, a quick shout-out to LeftyLink and DrAwesome - it was great to meet you guys and hang out a bit! And congrats to LeftyLink for making it to finals!

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You were awesome an a pleasure to meet. You’re a great thrower and I know you’ll make it to finals next year. I will definitely be competing next year.

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Thanks dude!

Yeah, next year you TOTALLY have to compete…I wanted to see a freestyle from you yesterday!

But let’s hope that there IS a GA States next year…and if there is, I will be hoping that I can go!

If there’s one next year, I am there.

BTW, did I mention that you were AWESOME!

(Funny thing is, I have told him via PM and Email about 20 times already :D)

But, seriously, it was great. Wish I could have seen your 2 minute final routine.

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Thanks dude!

And I wish I could have done it, LOL. But hey, I look at it like this: I was 2nd Best Non-Finalist! LOL.

Good Job Dude that was awesome

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I hope there is one also. Luckily The people who ran it this year seem to be pretty dedicated. Are you going to the Girts meets?

Dude for 9 months that AWESOME! I can definitely see you in finals next year just wow :o

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Yeah, they did. Mrs. Byers is even trying to contact a guy about starting an AL States! So I think that if she is trying to do that, she will probably keep up the GA one, LOL.

No, I don’t attend the GIRTS meetings…I don’t really know anything about them, LOL.

Thank you so much! Seriously, that means a lot coming from you (because you rock).



I’m waiting for them to upload all of the freestyle videos. I WANT TO WATCH THEM (again)!

No joke! There are several that I plan on watching again, including yours!

yeah I want to see yours and Alex Curfmans 3a again.

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I was there, my name is Max if any of you talked to me i just don’t know if i talked to you because it doesn’t say your real name on here lol.

[quote=“Max Jones,post:16,topic:60674”]

Were you worried about prelims, because I was worried about prelims :wink:

Videos are finally being uploaded at

Great job! You had the guts to 3d yoyo, which I respect greatly. Next year will be your year.

Thanks! But when did I 3D yoyo? LOL.