My Georgia YoYo Contest Freestyle

Ok, last night it FINALLY hit me that Max Jones (along with his dad) is the guy that my family and I met when both of our groups were confused about where the contest actually was, LOL. BTW, your red hair is epic and your skills are even more epic! LOL.

Awesome! The video hit 100 views yesterday, and it has now only been up for a week!

As you might know, I quit bumping threads on my individual tutorials once they reach 100 views…and I guess I will quit being annoying and do the same with this thread, LOL.

But one last time…


Nice freestyle! Really good for your first time competing :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

Actually, I had competed in Sports Ladder at Worlds, but this was my first competitive freestyle, LOL.

This still needs to be answered. :slight_smile:

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Definitely. I really want to know, LOL.

I talked to Mrs. Byers about the AL contest we are still looking for a venue but we are shooting for late spring/early summer 2014 as soon as we can get a venue interested we are going to work on getting sanctioned and getting sponsors and Mrs. Byers said she would do as much as she could to help out along with TN and FL states I hope to see all you guys from GA soon and I appreciate all the help that has been offered you guys are awesome. We had a GREAT time at the GA contest and want to make the AL contest unique we have some really cool ideas. It will be one you dont want to miss for sure.

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AWESOME!!! If this happens, I am 99% that I can convince my parents to take me. LOL.

BTW, just to add on a little bit to what you said, Mrs. Byers said (at GA States) that she was talking with a guy in Birmingham about doing it there. Wouldn’t be a bad drive at all for me!

check out the contest info forum for AL states underway

look at the contest info forum for AL states underway