GA States

So GA States was today, and even though i now have a lot of schoolwork to finish by tomorrow, it was worth going to. I got to meet some amazing people like Eric Koloski, Sebby, and Joe Wilson. I also got to meet some forum members like DrAwesome, redneckyoyoer, and Alex Fairhurst. It was also my first competition and I decided to participate in the 1A freestyle. By some random lucky act of chance, I made it to finals. Unfortunately, there was some wind that was really messing with me during my final FS and i got last place, but hey, I’m now the 4th best Georgia yoyoer :wink: . I also got a Zip Zop BVM2, which looks SOOOOOOO nice. Anywho, I just want to share my experience with you guys :slight_smile: .

What? It wasn’t a “random lucky act of chance”…you are just plain good! LOL. Not to mention you had great song choice…

That stinks that the wind was messing with you…in a weird way, I was kind of glad that I didn’t make it to finals, because a couple of my tricks would have been TOTALLY ruined, LOL.

Congrats on being GA’s fourth best thrower!

Yeah the wind destroyed the 4a players sadly. Although it was still an awesome competition. It was awesome meeting everyone and trying everything. Btw that wasn’t luck it was skill. You’re good. Congrats to Eric Koloski for winning.

Wind was messing with lots of people. You beat me! Congrats, and nice meeting you.

Lol i was there, you and i talked for a good while. I was the guy with the supernova.

Dude you bested me in finals by .25 of a point :slight_smile:

Haha yea, that wind was killer and i had never competed before. I hope that will be the beginning of my first “contest season” lol.

Same. There were so many people who have never competed

I know about Florida states but what other competitions are there in the southeast? Are you going to any of them?

If it’s not in Georgia I highly doubt I can go :frowning:

I think there may be a regional contest in Tennessee but I’m not sure. Nice to see you. I’m pretty sure we met. I’m Dalton I had the older supernova and the canvas. Otherwise I have to ask what song did you use?

I competed at GA states i didnt do as good as i wanted. it was my first contest and i was nervous so i got a knot like first thing. Anyone near the NE region of GA?