2013 Georgia YoYo Contest

The Georgia YoYo Contest is back!! Join us October 27, 2013 to compete with the best in the Southeast on the main stage of the Georgia State Fair.  Go to georgiayoyocontest.comhttp://georgiayoyocontest.com/ for more information.  Like us on facebook to help spread the word!https://www.facebook.com/georgiayoyocontest

I may end up going. Should be fun.

My first contest. Definitely going :smiley:

Awesome! I hope I get to go! Maybe even do a freestyle…

I think my parents have guaranteed that I am going. SOOO excited. Hopefully onedrop or one of the other sponsors will have a booth or something.

Yay :slight_smile: Shame that you missed the GIRTS meet

I know. I had to watch my sisters cause my mom was working I my sister was going to a concert.

So anyone else going?
Competing? I may try the sports ladder just need to get a little more consistent on stuff like suicides.

MIGHT try freestyle just for kicks. It depends on if I have something good planned and if there are prelims