GA States 2014


I guess GA States is now officially an annual thing now! Its going to be on September 27 2014 and will be in the Georgia State Fair again.


Nice man, me too! You want to meet up and throw sometime?

Need a partner to create a yoyo

If you have a Facebook, you should go and join GIRTS (Georgia Institute for Return Top Sciences) it’s one of the only clubs in GA.

PS where in Georgia do you live. Is the storm hitting you hard?


are there more clubs than GIRTS because that is a two hour drive for me. are there any in NE GA? or are there even any throwers in NE GA




So let’s bump this up. Who’s coming?

Who’s competing?
I plan on competing in 5a and 1a. 5a being the only place I would have any chance of being relatively high.


I should be able to go this year.


Me and my friend are planning on going, not far for us. ;D


It’ll be a bit of a drive from NC, but I have family in the area, so I’m hoping to make it this year!