Georgia Yoyo Contests


Hi. Does anybody know if there are any upcoming local yoyo contests in the Atlanta area? All I know of is the Georgia states, and they are not until February…
-Titanium221 8)


Well, there aren’t any that close to georgia, but if you are willing to drive about 15 hours, the World Yoyo Contest is in August. Here’s their site:

(yoyobot) #3

hey! i live in georgia to ( not for long we are moving to alaska soon)

i didn’t know of anyone in g.a. that yoyoed


There are more than a handful of throwers in GA. GA states isn’t really guaranteed to be in February, as I think I’m running it again, and I don’t want to hold it with the juggling festival anymore.

That being said, I’m thinking of having a meet on the 13th at the mall of georgia, i just need to check to see if more than two people are free/willing.

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i live in alabama


13th of what?


ATL fo sho!!

There is going to be a meetup/get-together/ event next Tuesday at Stone Mountain Park. Anyone in Georgia is welcome. Not really sure where to post it up though


if you are willing to drive 6 hours down to Tallahassee, I am hosting a contest on August 8th.