Creating A Georgia YoYo Club?


Since there aren’t many yoyoers in Georgia, I was wondering if any players that live in near (Powder Springs, Douglassville) or in Atlanta would like to form a yoyo club! The question is when and where would we meet?


We’re here. It just take a little looking to find us :wink: The next big yoyo thing in GA woud be SEC on August 1st in Kennesaw


Is it a club or a contest?


Its the Southeast Regional Yoyo Contest


I know that I was just wondering if Atlanta has a club. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well there is also an Atlanta yoyo club thats pretty new.


Is that club active? The info is outdated. If not, are there any active clubs/get-togethers in Atlanta?


We used to meet up every third Sunday, but we haven’t done that in more than 5 months I think. We are here though. Maybe this would be something to discuss at GA States.


Thanks, let’s keep each other updated. I’ll try to make it to GA States.


Yea the next big GA event is GA States on December 3rd at Georgia Tech


Are you sure? I know that’s what it says on the Facebook page, but that’s not been updated since August and the website hasn’t been updated since last year. ???