GA States?

Does anybody know the date of the GA State Yoyo Contest 2010?

thx 8)

I have heard sometime in February

The people that were running it do not want to run it again w/ the jugglers so I dunno if/ when it might go down.

yeah cause last year the jugglers were very rude to us yoyoers they kept getting in our way and they were everywhere nad it was quite annoying so i dont blame them

Dude, that sucks. Is there a place I can go for any information on that?

I wish I could get to some of these contests, or if there was more in the UK

hey, if any of you are near ATL, we should have a pre-contest meetup or if something happens with the contest we should have a meetup anyways

I think everyone should meet- up halfway… That would be in Chattanooga, TN.

I can dig, I’m in Nashville.

does alabama count as near the ATL

that depends… do you wanna drive to ATL?


That would be awesome, I live in the ATL area.

Sweet I live about 30 minutes from atl. We should have a meet up sometime

i live in Atlanta

I guess this contest is a no- go then? At least not for February? I wish I could organize it but I just dont have the time…

on the jugglers website, it says the contest will be held later in the year… :-\

I Went To the GA juggling fest today (i dont juggle) and there was a yoyo stand and like 5 yoyoers their and we got to hang out . . . it was SOOO much fun we were talking about a meet up

lets look into that, It would be awesome
btw, are u in the ATL area?

I live in McDonough GA which is like 30 minutes frome atl