GA States?

i live in ATL too. i hate the fact that we have to have the contest with the jugglers. so i’m willing to wait a while if that means that we can have our contest all to ourselves.

it would be great if we could have it at centennial park. there you have a ready made audience. but it’s cold right now so that wouldn’t be too great.

but i’ll have to make a couple of emails now to see what going on.

im 10 mins from downtown atl :stuck_out_tongue:

I would actually prefer to hold the meet/contest inside, just keeping in mind a humid day :-[
But if someone has volunteered to organize it, by all means hold it there.

maybe we could start a yoyo club/team in the Atlanta area, ya’ll dig?

I would be more then willing to help out with the meetup

the juggler fest was at the shrine center which is like an indoor gym with a stage and backdrop and plenty of seats . . . it is actually really fancy

but we could have a meetup at like a gym (winter) or a park (summer) . . . and like we dont even have to spend money realy if its just a meet up all we need is a place and a time

keep me posted on this meet up.

I think Centennial park is a pretty good place, It is well known and big. Maybe we could hold the meet up once a month, say on the last friday of the month? anybody have problems with that?

Yeah, I am a newbie at yoyo but I would like to learn and meet some yoyo player myself. I lived 45 min for ATL. Hopefully someone will make a yoyo club or team in GA. That would be a lot of fun.

If you can get a meet up put together, Joe Yo & I will take a road trip out your way to meet up with you. We are 4 hours away in the Huntsville, AL area.

Hey titanium221 i like ur idea about goin to centenial par on the last Friday of the month and we could do it from like 6 to 7 or 8 so if u really wanna do sumthing just either tell me here or pm me

I’ve been out of it for a while but I am game for a meetup

One problem we had last time I did something like this was it was hot and it makes the string not move as well. Also, wind can mess you up. What about inside somewhere? With air conditioning? Congress Center maybe?

a meetup will be coming soon

check my post here,15058.msg151670.html#msg151670