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Does anybody know if there will ever be another Alabama State Yoyo Contest. I really want to compete in it if there is.

If anybody knows who I could contact personally about it, please PM me or reply here.

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me too


I would like to know here.

I have heard that a lady from the GA States this year is wanting to start an AL State Yoyo Contest next summer! I can’t wait. If the contest does happen, I would to know where, when, and how I register.

Also, if the contest does happen, who will/or wants to be there?

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I accidentally thanked that. LOL.

So anyway…you do realize that this contest isn’t official yet, right? Like, as far as I know, they haven’t even figured out a venue yet. In other words, they certainly don’t have a site to register at yet. I think it is a bit early to be asking that question, LOL. Just be on the lookout for a site early next year.

And BTW, I definitely hope to be there.

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I know that the contest won’t happen until next year and all that other stuff you said. I was just asking that question for if it does happen. That way I don’t make another post.

Great, hope to see you there when/if it happens. Anybody else want to join the party?

Hey guys. My name is Chris Mehaffey. I’m in Birmingham and along with a lot help from GA states and some other friends I will be organizing the next AL contest. We don’t have a website yet because It’s not official YET, but I have been working on finding a venue and have a few people interested in the event. I’m working on getting everything ready to send out to the sponsors and getting sanctioned now so I can work out our budget. I already have someone to make a web site for registration when the time comes but don’t worry, it wont be held until next year so we have time. I’m going to make a new thread for the contest and I hope to see everyone from the GA states along with some new faces too. I’m going to try to do something unique with this event so it wont be one to miss.

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Thank you 1,000,000,000 times.

I live in mobile, I doubt I’d compete, but it’d be fun to go to if I can get off work!

5 hours round trip for me :’(

Chances are I won’t be able to go. But it’s a year away maybe my parents will let me.