AL states underway

Hey guys We are working on the next AL state yoyo contest!!!

All I can say right now is that is will be in Birmingham. We are working hard along with GA, FL and TN states (Thank you guys this wouldn’t be happening without you) to bring you guys a unique contest that everyone will enjoy. As soon as we get all the sponsors lined up and a venue locked down we can put a date on it.

These things take some time (I also go to work and school fulltime) so it may take a few weeks or so before I post anymore solid info on this thread but anyone is welcome to ask or suggest anything regarding the contest on this thread.

Thanks everyone for being rad and yoyoing I hope to see you all there!

the image we are working on for the flyer… rough version but you get the idea!!! ;D

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I got this awesome dude, Chris Cotton, doing some filming for us! This is a vid we did at vulcan park a while back. I’ll post the contest vid when it happens

SIGN ME UP!!! I have been waiting for a post like this.

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awesome! once we get everything up and going we will post links to the registration page. I’m getting ready for finals in school so I’m a little behind schedule :P. Can’t wait to see you there zorro!

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Thanks. You too. Can’t wait. What are you thinking as far as prizes go?

For the Florida states you should do it in Gainesville Florida

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There will be a raffle and prize bags for those that place but it all depends on who sponsors the contest.

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What about if you win?

you know… normal contest prizes like a bag of cool yoyos and stuff maybe medals or something but I’ll release all the details when the time comes

I was wondering if there was any news from anybody on this contest yet?