The Alabama State Yo-yo Contest is back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Alabama State Yo-yo Contest is back again!!!

When: July 9 2011 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Where: Sci Quest Hands on Science Center in Huntsville Alabama

Who: Yo-yoers with mad skills


Divisions: 1a, x, Sport

-Joey O.


ill be there :smiley:


How much is it to get in? ??? ??? ???


Ill be there! And i think it like 10$? Im not sure. But you can pay at the door.


kool i have been wanting to meet you yoyoman11635


haha cool! Ill see you there! And what part of bama do u live in? I live in oxford:D


i not een from alambama im from ky but im passing throught there on my vacation :slight_smile: lol


Bump cause it was about to go on page 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


see u guys there!


Im going! and I cant wait to show all of you guys mah skillz;D Im entering 1a and X if you see me there Im Jake:)


who all from Bham is going besides me?


i had a blast thanks guys! Open Division Champion! ;D and 3rd in 1a!


It was a good contest. It was nice meeting everyone


1st Contest and GLAD I went. Ill be at GA and TN states if anyone else is going PM me! Thanks for the Stryker Jake:D


No Problem:D