AL states 2016

So Is happening for sure?

The NYYL was contacted by an organizer about running a sanctioned state contest for Alabama. Once we explained the rules for an NYYL-sanctioned contest, the organizer decided that sounded too complicated and said he would run the contest without NYYL sanctioning.

So, there may be an event but as of this time it will not be run to NYYL standards or seed to any NYYL event.

^Yes, this is correct. I am the one who contacted the NYYL.

The contest is not happening for sure, but if you could just wait a little bit longer, we need to set some things in stone before publicly announcing this contest. Things cost money and unless we find a way to make some, nothing will happen.
I will make a new post that will be updated periodically with information when I have it starting when we have a location and date set.