How do you set up a contest?

Hi! My dad is wanting to set up a Arkansas State contest but i cant find out how to do it.

Help pls?!?!?


*I’ve never done this before personally, but this is what I would do:

First, gauge interest in the community around you. Are there a lot of yoyoers in Arkansas? If so, where do they usually meet for a club? That might give you an idea of a city for a venue.

Second, contact the NYYL (National Yo-Yo League) and see what advice they can give and a guide on how to follow their contest policy, also set up a contest registration page when you have a date.

Third, find local professionals, or any professional willing to come that has judging experience. You can’t have a contest without judges. Maybe contact teams about who might be in your area or would be able to come.

Fourth, you think you’ve got a date that will work well for MOST people (you won’t be able to please everyone) find a venue and ask about cost, date, etc.

Remember that all of this will cost MONEY. Some companies may sponsor you, but more than likely they will only give you product to sell or something. You’ll have to most like I have to charge a fee for entry to the contest to help afford all of this, and pay some out of your own pocket.


Hey im new to yoyoing but im moveing along pretty good. Im I live up near fayetteville, if you were to start a contest id be down to help/arrange stuff etc.

ok cool :slight_smile:

I will let you know :slight_smile: Can you PM me your email?

How long have you been yoyoing btw?

Setting up a contest is no easy feat, but after helping out with NY states last year, I’ll tell you what to do.

1: Run it by the NYYL, they’re the people who will help you the most. The NYYL will help you with judges, and overall getting your contest noticed.

  1. Have a few venues in mind. Some places are expensive, some aren’t. Shop around and find out how you can get the most for your money. Some suggestions and common places are hotels, community centers, children’s museums, convention centers, schools and a few other places. Just be open to ideas.

  2. Once you have a venue and date locked in (with NYYL approval), work on finding judges and advertising your contest. Once people see that you’ve gotten everything locked in, it’ll be a whole lot easier to advertise.

  3. set up some way to do registration. I can’t tell you how to do this because I really don’t know how.

  4. Find judges and sponsors. This step just consists of you sending emails to companies and waiting to hear back from them. Sometimes they email you, sometimes they don’t. Its hard to be patient. Finding judges shouldn’t be AS hard if you utilize the NYYL.

  5. Making sure you disperse prizes evenly. Its self explanatory really.

But here’s a TL;DR

Go through the NYYL, tell them your plan and they’ll help you.