Trying to put together an Oregon State YoYo Contest, need help!


Hey guys, I know there has been talk of putting together an Oregon States recently, but it seems like nobody has done anything to make that happen. I recently stumbled upon the OSU MU Ballroom, and it’s the perfect venue for an event. Huge stage, great lighting, big open space, easy to find, etc. The only problem is that I have no experience organizing an event like this, so I need some help figuring out who to contact in order to make the competition happen!

Can anyone provide some insight as to how to go about this? I’d like to start putting the contest together soon so that we can hopefully make it happen in the next year.



Well first you have to contact a few sponsors, get the sound equipment, ask a few people to judge, get prizes and post it all over the place!

It’s not too hard, the redondo beach contest was really simple, they just had a stage, sound equipment and judges, it really depends on how fancy you want to make it.


did this ever happen???