2011 Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest

So i went last year and had fun but i was wonderin if anyone else is going. Also if u have any information can u post it that would help me out a lot thx and i mean like dates times and all that.

I’m going to go for my first time this year. As for info, no one will announce anything for probably another 2 months or so, seeing as it is a summer contest.

They aren’t completely sure if there will be an Ohio State Contest this year.

You might want to contact steve brown. He orginized it last year.

I may go if its after school ends

it is in july and i could share trcks with u maybe it was super fun last year to

Hey guys…I’m 99% sure there WILL be an Ohio State contest this year…it just won’t be me running it. I’m turning the contest over to Perry Prine, co-founder of the Cleveland YoYo Club and probably Brandon Jackson.

I just don’t have time this year, since I’m running three other contests already! :slight_smile: (More news about those coming very, very soon…)

You can direct inquiries to perry at clevelandyoyoclub dot com.

There IS an Ohio State contest this year! Check out www.ohioyoyo.com for more details!