2011 Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest - July 23rd 2011

Hey Everyone,
Were only a month away from the 2011 Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest being held in Cleveland on July 23rd 2011!

This years event will take place at the same location as last year, The Beachland Ballroom!

For more info visit the official website: www.ohioyoyo.com
Or visit the facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169923803071355


This is going to be GREAT!

Be sure to stick around for the afterparty at the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club (200ft. from the contest!) immediately following the event.

i might be goin

I’m going to the contest and after party, but still unsure if I’m going to compete.

must go…

Got summer camp the whole week (sunday-friday) right before the contest! This is gonna be rough >_<

I’m going, compeating too it is my first time already nervous but excited ;D

Oh man, I’m going to be in Ohio like a week after that.

will it cost any thing to enter?

I think it was free last year. It might have been $5 or $10. If it’s not free, it’ll be really cheap.

Yeah I just got an email back from them it is
$5 for each division

I’m competing in 1A, and I’ll be wearing a black shirt and grey shorts. Just so you know who I am. ;D

ill be competing in everything except 2a (i desperately suck at 2a)
im so exited ;D its my 2nd time competing

Well, I didn’t end up getting to go. Can anyone fill me in on the highlights?


Harold won (as expected)
Darnell came in 2nd
Isaac got 3rd

They changed some scores a few days after the contest (which they shouldn’t be allowed to do) and it resulted in a placement switch for Darnell and Isaac.

Really, just to some it up, it was really fun. Highspeedyoyo put a bunch of videos of routines on youtube.