2011 Minnesota States

That’s right, every 12 months, Minnesota States. April 9th at Rosedale Center. It’s so awesome, that awesome people find it awesome.






Lol, I’m so going to be there, I mean, that’s where are the awesome people go!

i want to go but i think im still to beginer

Well, you can just go and watch, or do the sport ladder.
Either way it’s a good time.

Just a few days away now!!!

@bartman, if you’re in the area you should definitely show up just to meet people, exchanging tricks in person is the best way to learn and grow as a yoyoer!

I’m so excited! I’m announcing this here first!!!

1A 1st Place - $200
1A 2nd Plcae - $100
Open 1st Place - $200
Open 2nd Place - $100
Ladder 1st Place - $200

plus a huge variety of fantastic yo-yos from many fine sponsors including YoYoexpert :smiley:

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schalicto im actualy realy think about doin the jounior division, it willbe my first contest

This weekend.
April 9th at Rosedale Center


This is happening tomorrow!!!
You can still preregister throughout the day at www.mnyoyo.com

I’m so excited!! This will be my first time competing, but I think I’ll do great! If anyone wants to say sup to me they know who to look for. 8)

how do you get your music do you just bring your i pod or do you need a cd

it’s gonna be awesome nova!

@bartman, I just answered this question on another forum that shall remain nameless.

ya that was me but thanks i needed the help

Today’s the DAY!!! Get pumped peoples! YAY!!

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The 2011 Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest is done. All the results have been posted.

It was another fun year at Rosedale Center. A huge thanks to our sponsors,

[]Air Traffic
]Big Brother YoYos

And I also want to thank all of our judges, Dazzling Dave Schulte, Matt Schmidt, Paul Yath, John Narum, Alex Berenguel, Alex Ulrich, John Russeth, Seth Peterson, Ian Johnson. And I want to thank Mookie Narum and Diane Schlichting (my mom :smiley: ) for assisting with registration, Scott Peterson for doing the score keeping, Kirby Kirchgasler for doing the sound, Aaron Johnson and Brian Oanes for shooting the videos (which will be posted soon… if they are not already), and of course my beautiful and meticulous wife Lindsay for being there and making sure the contest is actually running as planned. We are already working on setting a date for 2012, so I’ll update you once that happens.


Wow! I can’t believe I got 9th place, for it being my first contest. And I’ve only been yoyoing for like 11 months. ;D I was the only girl competing and I won like five YYJ throws too. Can’t wait for MWR! :smiley:

Great showing, Stephanie.

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When will the videos be posted up? I’ve been looking at the results like every day hoping to see my freestyle.

Nova, the 1A freestyles will be up in a couple of days, in the mean time I just posted the Open Division and JR Open Division Freestyles!

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i got 7th in contest 2nd yoyo contest!~!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D good job for the people who placed!!! the videos will be up on youtube soon!!

ive got a freind who got last place :frowning: