2013 NY States???

Does anyone know if this contest is a go or not? All I’ve heard thus far is that someone in New York is trying to organize it, but no details have been posted as of yet. I also found the contest’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/NYStateYoyoContest

Anyhow, if anyone on here has info about it, please let me know. Thanks, in advance.

hey whats up that me i msged you back on facebook :slight_smile:

the information would still be nice for the rest of us :smiley:

If this is real than I am definitely going to go if I can. I am planning on making this my first yoyo contest !

Well, there is DEFINITELY going to be a contest in Buffalo this year, sometime around mid-September. I’m still not sure whether or not it will be sanctioned by the NYYL as the NY State Yo-Yo Championships, however. I will have to contact Thad this week and find out.

Stay tuned.

The dates have been confirmed. September 13th & 14th.

More info coming soon. 8)

2013 New York State YoYo Contest…
The dates for the Buffalo contest have been confirmed, and they will be September 13th & 14th. The prelims for 1A, 5A, and possibly 4A will be held on Friday the 13th, and the Sport Ladder, 2A-5A finals, and 1A tournament will take place on Saturday.

$1,000 for 1A
$250 for 2A-4A
$500 for 5A

$3,350 in total prize money up for grabs. More info coming soon.

Spread the word.

As of right now, this IS NOT the official NY State Yo-Yo Championships. I still need to speak with Thad about having this event sanctioned by the NYYL, which I will be doing sometime this week (probably tomorrow).

Either way, this event IS happening, and the prize money is already secured.

I am so going to this. I need to get to some kind of meet eventually. :slight_smile:

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Glad to see a bunch of people are coming. Gonna be a good time for sure.

Awesome to hear that this is happening!

The sanctioning has been confirmed. This contest will be the 2013 NY State Yo-Yo Championships. 8)

That’s awesome!

MODS: Please lock this thread. Now that the dates and sanctioning are confirmed, I am going to start an official contest thread.

Done. :slight_smile: