New York State Yoyo Contest: September 20th, Rochester NY


It’s time to announce the New York State yoyo Contest!

This year it’s in the National Museum of Play, in Rochester, New York.

September 20th is the date, starting at 10:00AM. You don’t have to pay to watch the contest, but you do have to pay to go around the museum. Website is updating soon with the new venue and time, but this post has all the accurate information! Thank you!

Remember, The website info is updating soon, but this post has all the correct information regarding date and time.


its the day b4 my birthday!


It’s a bit far for me, but I’ll see if I can convince my parents to take me We’ll see. :smiley:


Hopefully you all can go! PM me if you have questions!


Awesome news! I’ll be looking forward to this. Also, nice meeting you at the juggling festival in April. :slight_smile:


^ It was nice to meet you too! If you could notify the finger lakes yoyo club about this that’d be a HUGE help!


Yeah thats 6hrs away from the island so I doubt I’ll be attending y’all need to work with the new York yoyo club and find a venue in the city it would be more of a middle ground for island, city and upstate throwers


Will do!


Is there going to be a prelim round?


Were currently trying to figure that out. Similar to Ohio, It depends on the amount of people who are entering. We might have to since were running each division separately.

(Former National 4A Champion) #11

will be there


Any news on if there are going to be prelims?


For 1A, Expect prelims. Since we’re running every division, we’re going to do it for the sake of time.