Yoyo contests near New Jersey

I’ve never entered a contest before. I was wondering if there’s any contest near New Jersey?
Also how do the contest work?

I’m not sure about contests taking place in New Jersey, but I will be organizing the 2013 NY State Yo-Yo Championships in Buffalo later this year.

As for how contests work, that really all depends on the contest.

Like if you want to compete in like state contest how do you sign up and stuff.

Thanks for the help you have given me so far.

usually most contests are somewhat standardized. Each has their own categories and such. For example: the triple crown has a 1 minute freestyle option, or you can compete by performing yoyoexpert tricks and gaining points. whoever has the most points wins.

Usually, contests can be found on a website and you can see the rules there.
if a contest is coming up that you want to attend or perform in, keep checking yoyonews and eventually the contest will be there. and you can sign up if they give you a hyperlink or something.

Hope this helps.

As for New Jersey, I live in New Jersey too (Monmouth county) and it seems like New Jersey, is the forgotten state when it comes to everything. Its close enough to New York and Philly that if anything is to take place in this area it either goes to New York or Philly.
SO i havent heard of any contests in New Jersey.
Ummm North East regionals is one and the NY state one mentioned above are both good for this area.
unfortunately, thats the closest you are going to get.

Some contests offer online registration for competitors. Other contests allow people to register at the event.

Thank you so so much you all have been very helpful.