GA yoyo meetup 12/30 12 pm to 4-pm

Calling all Georgia yoyo players! Matt (yoyo brothers) is scheduling a yoyomeetup at come-n-get-it from 12-4pm also if you ate not in the Atlanta yoyo Instagram chat thing msg me on yye or dm me on Instagram at

the adress for come-n-get-it is:1409 Church Street Ext
Unit E
Marietta, GA 30060
United States

Did I totally miss GSYYC last year? In my head, I still had it connected to the Ground Hogs Day juggle fest in February, so I didn’t remember that it was in December of 2016 when I last went. I was waiting to hear something, but never did…

Is there a south eastern yoyo contest next to six flags in Georgia

And does Tennessee have any yoyo related anything I only know two guys somewhere around my county ones a beginner and one is advanced I have only met the beginner the only other yoyoers here are the ones I teach

we didn’t have one this year somthing with randy… Ask Matt he knows more than me lol

Too bad. Maybe all of us GA yoers should plan to meet up at the Ground Hogs Day Juggle Fest. Is that still happening?