GA States 2021

Hey all!

As some of you may know, Georgia’s been on a bit of a hiatus as far as contests go, with the last one being held in Dec 2017. After watching Brandon’s video on the bare necessities of a yoyo contest (linked here), I’ve been kinda inspired to take up the mantle and get the ball rolling again, and I wanted to open up an area for discussion to try and get more people involved and new ideas flowing.

Currently, we have KSU, Emory, and Rehearse Live as potential venues, though they’re all generally in the Atlanta area

  • Colleges haven’t fully opened up yet and I haven’t yet asked about reserving a space in the KSU student center (though the open green could be a viable option too in December)

  • @Myk_Myk said he’d also be happy to host the contest at the Rehearse Live building, which would alleviate a lot of potential technical issues with staging, music, etc.

There isn’t a set date yet since we haven’t fully gauged availability, but we’re shooting for some sort of school break in the later months of the year.

Quick availability poll:

  • Labor Day (9/6)
  • Thanksgiving Break (late November)
  • Winter Break (mid-December)
  • I can’t make any of these times

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Quick interest poll:

  • I am interested in competing
  • I am only interested in attending

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I will be moving up to Atlanta by the end of the year, hopefully by November.

If I can make it, I’d be happy to help sponsor this contest, as well.


That’d be great! Most of the technicalities would be handled if Rehearse Live hosts (making it the best option so far) so we’d really only need prizes for the competitors.

Also bump, I added a quick interest poll to try and gauge how many people would be attending. The contest would still be a couple months away, so I’m thinking I’ll wait till the end of the month to start finalizing on details of the event. I’ll likely post a google forms around then to start putting together a list of attendants. Thoughts?


The NYYL (National YoYo League) can help provide structure and we also have a good ‘how to run a yoyo contest’ checklist I can share, etc. Feel free to dm me here and can discuss! :blush:


My daughter is a Georgia Tech and it would be cool to roll a visit to her in w the contest. If able to attend I could help judge or whatever else.


My wife and I are down in South Florida but we wouldn’t mind sponsoring the event and maybe even going up there!


That sounds great! I’ll definitely need the help covering all the bases.

That’s actually perfect, since judging was pretty much the one area I wasn’t completely sure how to go about handling, other than trying (and failing) to learn to judge myself.

That sounds awesome! More prizes means we can probably attract a bigger crowd and introduce more ways to win something (through raffles or such? proceeds could go towards purpleyoyo or a similar nonprofit).



Maybe we could have a spintop ladder, if we could get enough interest.

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There are some groups on Facebook you could announce it there as well so more people can attend!


I’m thinking we’ll be able to host a pro and sports/amateur division as well as some sort of X or miscellaneous division, since I’m sure there’s interest for those other categories, but I don’t think there’s enough to warrent a whole division.

We’re really still in the early days of planning, so I’m thinking a bigger announcement and google forms rsvp would come sometime in June (likely near the start). Since labor day looks like the most popular option, I’m thinking everything should be in place by August then?

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Yeah, I was thinking about the same. That’s what they did at the last one (how many years ago?). If it ends up at Rehearse Live, we may need to step outside for 4a competitors!

If we were able to get enough entrants, we could do a ladder. It might be possible with enough advanced promotion. Separately, anyone could freestyle in the X division.

Once it’s finalized, I’ll reach out to the folks over at iTopSpin - Index.

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I’d be down to throw in some prize money!


We should probably actually include a question about what styles of play people would be interested in participating in on the google forms. We can get a final count on what styles people would want to see around August then.

That’d be great! All these prizes will definitely help generate more interest! I’ll be sending out dms to iron out the details more soon!

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Any movement on this? Labor day seemed like the popular poll response, and that’s about a month away.


Wondering this as well. Due to Jury Duty I unfortunately won’t be in GA over Labor Day like I thought so I’d prefer a later date if possible. Also something to consider, the southeast is getting pretty wrecked by the Delta variant, definitely something to keep an eye on and potentially another reason for a later date.


Sorry about the radio silence! I’ve been super busy taking college classes over the summer and this has taken a backseat. I’ve put together a more comprehensive Google forms to try and get a more final lock on interest, so feel free to share this with people you know!

Given that there aren’t any large-scale restrictions being added and that cases are likely to rise due to school starting up, I think it’d be more effective to mandate a vaccine requirement, rather than just pushing the date farther back.

I missed these last messages, but I’m assuming this isn’t happening on Monday!? Maybe we could do a meetup, though?

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I’d be up for a meetup!

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Sorry, but looks like I’ll be with my fam.

Let’s shoot for the 12th? I’ll post in our thread…